What is the Availability feature in Panther?
Panther's Availability feature provides a comprehensive view of your entire worker list, making it easy to capture availability and plan ahead. This feature facilitates efficient scheduling for holidays, training, and various leave statuses.
How does the Availability Calendar work in Panther?
The Availability Calendar in Panther allows you to proactively store worker availability for day or night shifts. It displays all available workers by their speciality, most booked site, and their holiday status, enabling better workforce planning.
Can I book workers directly based on their availability?
Yes, with Panther, if a worker's availability aligns with a planned shift, you can book them for that shift with just a single tap. This feature streamlines the booking process and ensures efficient shift filling.
What is the Radius & Mileage Search feature?
This feature allows you to identify which workers are nearest to your work locations or any specified location or postcode. You can then roster these workers quickly and efficiently, ensuring optimal staffing based on geographical proximity.
How does Panther handle leave and holiday requests?
Panther enables workers to request leave or holidays easily via their mobile devices. These requests can then be approved instantly, simplifying the leave management process and enhancing worker satisfaction.
How does Panther's availability feature aid in workforce planning?
By providing a clear view of all workers' availability, including for leave and holidays, Panther aids in forward planning, ensuring you can efficiently manage and allocate your workforce to meet business demands.
Is it possible to view availability by worker speciality?
Yes, Panther's Availability Calendar allows you to view available workers filtered by their speciality, facilitating targeted scheduling based on skill sets and job requirements.
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