What is the primary function of Panther's Compliance Software?
Panther's Compliance Software provides ultra-clear compliance monitoring, allowing control of specialisms and custom compliance levels for various clients, such as the NHS and private sector. It ensures each candidate maintains optimum compliance levels.
How does Panther help in creating custom compliance levels?
Panther allows the creation of custom compliance levels for different clients and instantly maintains their specific requirements with ease. This includes capturing custom checks like proof of identity, right to work, NMC, visa, and others.
What does the colour-coded view in Panther indicate?
Panther's colour-coded view shows the immediate status of all compliance checks, with colours indicating items that are in date (green), expiring soon (amber), and expired (red). This helps in quickly identifying compliance statuses.
How does Panther handle expiring compliance items?
Automatic rules are applied to notify about expiring items, change nurse statuses, or block nurses depending on the severity of the compliance issue.
Can Panther automatically monitor client compliance?
Yes, Panther can automatically monitor compliance checks, providing instant alerts and blocks to ensure safe practice.
How does Panther manage automated fatigue scores?
Panther automatically calculates and alerts on worker fatigue in real-time, adjustable for each duty type, to ensure safe working conditions.
What types of compliance notifications does Panther provide?
Panther offers notifications to reduce compliance risks and meet industry requirements, including right-to-work and NMC Pin checks.
How does Panther feature right-to-work compliance?
Panther includes built-in functionality to automate right-to-work compliance checks for your workers, covering VISA checks and more.
Does Panther automatically update nurse NMC Pin statuses?
Yes, Panther automatically updates each nurse's NMC Pin status, checking for validity and any issues.
How does Panther keep workers safe with regards to working regulations and fatigue?
Panther calculates fatigue scores based on planned and actual worked hours in real-time as nurses are booked into and work shifts. It also monitors travel times and working regulation rules to identify potential safety issues, providing instant alerts as needed.
Can Panther help in setting up custom working regulations?
Yes, Panther allows the setup of custom working regulations, including minimum and maximum hours, break conditions, average hours, maximum hours in a week, and more.
How does Panther's integrated document library assist in compliance?

Panther's integrated document library maintains all nurse documents, which can be instantly linked to compliance checks to automate monitoring.

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