What is the purpose of the Dashboard, Reporting & Forecasting feature in Panther?
This feature provides instant access to highly graphical dashboards that report on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as worker pay, charge, gross profit, supplier performance, and worker cancellations, aiding key decision-makers.
How does the Projections feature work in Panther?
Panther's Projections feature allows users to view forecasts based on target goals, revenue, or profit, helping in strategic planning and decision-making.
Can Panther measure supplier performance?
Yes, Panther can measure supplier performance, including metrics such as reaction time, fill rate, and more, for shifts distributed to suppliers.
What capabilities does Panther offer for data management?
Panther allows users to filter, search, and slice data instantly, enabling them to view key data across different periods of time for in-depth analysis.
How does Panther help in monitoring financial performance?
The GP & Spend Breakdown feature provides exception reporting to control minimum margins and other key financial indicators, aiding in effective financial management.
Can Panther report on shift notice times?
Yes, Panther can report on the time between receiving a shift request and when it needs to be filled, helping in assessing operational efficiency.
What Key Performance Indicators can be measured using Panther?
Panther enables measurement of reliability, capacity, and fill rates, among other KPIs, to assess and enhance business performance.
How does Panther contribute to increasing worker retention rates?
Panther automatically monitors starters, active workers, and leavers to generate real-time retention rate scores and graphs, providing insights into workforce stability and areas for improvement.


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