What is Panther's Fatigue & Compliance feature?
Panther's Fatigue & Compliance feature offers real-time monitoring of worker fatigue, risk, and regulatory compliance, ensuring that current workers’ compliance levels and checks are easily visible and manageable.
How does Panther help with document management for compliance?
Panther allows you to create custom checks and automate their requirements from various industry bodies, ensuring all necessary documents are up-to-date and in compliance.
What is Panther's approach to compliance monitoring?
Panther provides real-time, colour-coded compliance monitoring to control passports, visa expiries, and custom compliance levels tailored to specific clients or industries.
How does the system notify workers about compliance issues?
Panther automatically notifies workers of any compliance expiry or required actions, ensuring they are always informed about their compliance status.
Can Panther restrict bookings based on compliance?
Yes, Panther only permits compliant staff to be booked into shifts. It can dynamically pull from industry body check websites and existing business systems to verify compliance.
Does Panther include equipment monitoring?
Yes, you can set up or import lists of equipment and vehicles and assign and monitor them against workers, ensuring all necessary equipment is compliant and up-to-date.
Is Panther GDPR compliant?
Yes, Panther is secure, uses SSL encryption, and is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Can Panther generate working regulation reports?
Panther can generate and schedule reports for any date range, client, contract, or worker, providing comprehensive insights into compliance and regulations.
How does Panther monitor worker safety, travel, and fatigue?
The system reduces reliance on human intervention by embedding failsafe actions. It monitors metrics like location, travel time, hotel bookings, shift time, and previous/future shift history to calculate a comprehensive fatigue score.
What safety measures does Panther provide for workers?
Panther offers a suite of safety measures through its mobile app, including automated fatigue calculations, working hours monitoring, and automatic notifications for ticket expiries, ensuring each worker is properly protected.
How does Panther ensure compliance with equipment and vehicles?
Panther allows the setup or import of equipment and vehicle lists, which can be assigned and monitored against workers to ensure compliance and safety.


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