What is Panther's approach to onboarding candidates?
Panther streamlines the candidate onboarding process through an intuitive onboarding portal. It offers out-of-the-box application forms for various industries, as well as the option to build custom forms.
How does Panther's onboarding portal integrate with websites?
The onboarding portal can be integrated with your website, capturing source information to track where your candidates are coming from, thus enhancing your recruitment analytics.
What happens once a candidate is onboarded in Panther?
Once onboarded, a candidate's application is reviewed for compliance. After passing this check, they become bookable for shifts, ensuring a seamless transition from applicant to active worker.
How does Panther handle automatic client compliance during onboarding?
Panther automatically monitors compliance checks, providing instant alerts and blocks to maintain safe practices and meet industry standards.
Are there compliance notifications for workers in Panther?
Yes, Panther automatically notifies workers of any compliance expiry or required actions, ensuring they remain compliant at all times.
What kind of support does Panther offer?
Panther prides itself on world-class support, with most tickets completely resolved within 24 hours, ensuring a smooth experience for all users.
How does Panther's mobile authorisation feature work?
Panther’s mobile authorisation allows a different authoriser to sign the timesheet for each shift. This is especially useful if the authoriser is not known until the shift has started.
Can candidates self-book into shifts and manage timesheets?
Yes, candidates who self-book into shifts with the client can add their own timesheets to the app without the need for the shift to be booked on Panther first. This allows for immediate timesheet authorisation without waiting for post-shift booking.
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