What is the main purpose of Panther's Profit Report feature?
Panther's Profit Report feature provides a comprehensive solution for generating real-time Gross Profit (GP) reports. It integrates various functions into a single platform, utilising live data from shifts to ensure up-to-date and accurate GP calculations.
How does Panther ensure the accuracy of GP calculations?
Panther incorporates adjustments such as uplifts and expenses into the GP calculations. This includes candidate expenses like mileage or train travel, ensuring the GP figure reflects the true cost.
What are Profit Splits in Panther?
Profit Splits in Panther allow for the easy sharing of profits between users. The feature details this information clearly within the GP report, ensuring transparency and accuracy in profit distribution.
How does Panther handle Candidate Uplifts?
Panther allows for adjustments and uplifts in worker pay. These adjustments can be made easily within the platform and are instantly reflected in the profit report.
Can Panther manage Credits and Invoices related to GP?
Yes, Panther allows you to raise credits and invoices directly using the data from your profit report. This streamlines the process of financial management within the platform.
What is the Real-Time Profit feature in Panther?
The Real-Time Profit feature in Panther calculates profit and adds it to the report for the open financial period as it happens, providing up-to-date financial insights.
How does Panther integrate with Business Central or similar systems?
Panther's profit report can be exported to Business Central or similar systems. This integration is used to generate all your invoices and send them to clients, ensuring seamless financial operations.
How does Panther contribute to weekly performance monitoring?
Panther's profit report allows you to stay up-to-date with your weekly performance. It provides insights into your financial status and highlights any issues that may arise, enabling proactive financial management.
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