About Us

Panther© speeds up your candidate management and shift booking. Automatically import shifts, chat to candidates in real-time, automate compliance and issue digital timesheets from a single cloud-based system.

Our Mission is to help our clients maximise their profitability and reduce time spent on inefficient processes, whilst ensuring the maximum level of compliance.

Some of the world's most successful temporary recruitment companies rely on Panther

Solve all of your temporary agency operations in one hit

Panther© provides high volume shift booking whilst guaranteeing the closest, most available, and compliant staff.  Automatically calculate fatigue scores, pay rates and PAYE, LTD, or Umbrella costs as the roster is created. As shifts are scheduled, digital timesheets are automatically created in the software in the timesheet authorisation mode of your requirements.

Stay compliant, save money & work faster

Search compliant candidates by availability, reliability and popularity; then book them in seconds. Automatically communicate with candidates and ensure that framework compliance requirements are met. Capture approved digital timesheets within seconds of sign-off.
Panther© provides a full suite of safety measures to ensure each candidate is properly protected. Automate fatigue calculations, monitor working hours and automatically notify workers when compliance items are due to expire.