Compliance Software

Ultra clear compliance monitoring allowing control of specialisms and custom compliance for certain clients

Panther© provides a powerful compliance module to ensure that each candidate is kept at the optimum level of compliance. 

Create custom compliance levels for the NHS and private sector clients and instantly maintain their requirements with ease. Capture custom checks like proof of identity, right to work, NMC, visa and others and have Panther automatically monitor the status of each check against the workforce. This provides an exceptional level of compliance whilst providing peace of mind.

Panther's colour coded view shows an immediate view of all checks, indentifying items that are in date (green), expiring soon (amber) and expired (red). Automatic rules are then applied to either notifiy you about expiring items, change nurse statuses or block nurses depending on the severity of the compliance issue. 

Keeps workers safe with working regulation and automatic fatigue controls

Panther© automatically caculates fatigue scores on planned and actual worked hours in real-time as nurses are booked into and work shifts. Automatic travel times and working regulation rules identify any potential working safety issues before they happen with Panther providing instant alerts to the neccessary parties.

Setup custom working regulations including minimum and maximum hours, break conditions, average hours, max hours in a week and more.

Panther© integrated document library allows the maintenance of all nurse documents which can be instantly linked to compliance checks to automate monitoring. 

Panther has streamlined our workforce management saving us around 50% of the time and has almost completely automated our timesheet entry allowing us to focus more on customer service and safety.

Kez, Registered Nurse