Cutting-edge workforce management software for hospitality recruitment agencies

A cloud-based, end-to-end solution, Panther integrates all the important aspects of hospitality recruitment into a comprehensive and complex, yet straightforward and easy to use software package.

From managing the availability of staff, booking workers into shifts and issuing digital timesheets, to real-time tracking of all the most relevant KPIs, Panther is an ideal choice for any hospitality recruitment agency looking to cut down on admin time and maximise profits.

Get a step ahead of the competition through effective time-management

Having to manage large databases of workers whilst often using more than one software package, hospitality recruiters have a hard and time-consuming task at hand. With digital management of availability and shift-booking, Panther offers a solution to improving both efficacy as well as convenience.

Save time by quickly creating or importing shifts straight from your multiple sources whilst automatically filling them with suitable candidates. Allow your workers to update their availability weeks in advance and have a clear picture of who is available to work and when.

Eliminate manual timesheet processing by sending out digital timesheets to all workers at the end of each shift. Create exports for your payroll system and manage everything digitally as your agency becomes more sustainable.

"Compliance is now a breeze for us and audits are passed with virtually no manual work."

Increase effectiveness, enhance your performance, delight your clients

Accurately monitor every aspect of your business by tracking real time financial and non-financial KPIs. Create exports containing all the information you need to create a winning strategy while maximising performance and improving processes by making well-informed, data-enabled decisions.

Eliminate hours of admin time across your business by digitalizing your processes. From compliance to fatigue monitoring, ensure your workers are ready before every shift, all from one platform.

Schedule comprehensive and professional reports on performance, the status of your workers or most relevant KPIs. Send them to your business stakeholders and share them with your clients and keep everyone updated on a consistent basis.