Fatigue & Compliance

Real-time fatigue, risk & regulation monitoring

Panther offers a simple, fast view or your current workers compliance levels and checks.  By clearly colour coding any upcoming compliance checks and dates, issues are easy to monitor and act on.

Worker safety, travel & fatigue monitoring

With a reduced reliance on human intervention the system allows for embed failsafe actions, an example of this would be the planned deployment of an worker that has not had adequate rest or recovery in line with the specific sector requirements.  All relevant metrics are included in the fatigue score including location, travel time, hotel bookings, shift time and previous/future shift history.

Panther provides a full suite of safety measures to ensure each worker is properly protected via our mobile app. Automate fatigue calculations, monitor working hours, automatically notify workers with ticket expires and more.

Panther has streamlined our workforce management saving us around 50% of the time and has almost completely automated our timesheet entry allowing us to focus more on customer service and safety.

Kez, Registered Nurse