Roster warehouse workers automatically, and generate digital timesheets in an instant

Having to manage a large database of workers across multiple locations? Dealing with lots of different software packages? Want to become more efficient and improve your overall performance? Then Panther may be the solution for your warehousing recruitment agency.

Integrating all aspects of workforce management in one place, Panther is a cloud-based, end to end solution software, allowing you to manage your workforce easily and effectively. From booking shifts, managing availability, reporting on all the relevant performance parameters as well as many other important functions, Panther is a great tool for warehousing agencies looking to take the next big step.

Manage everything from one central place

Managing bookings and availability whilst ensuring the compliance and competency of a large number of staff across multiple locations is a lot of work. By digitalising and integrating all these processes into one platform, Panther is the ultimate tool for agency management.

Minimise your unfulfilled shifts by planning efficiently. Digital availability and shift booking functions enable you to easily check the availability of your workers months in advance and book them with a simple click. Furthermore, with compliance and competency management functions integrated, Panther enables you to quickly check if your candidates have the qualification requirements needed to work in a certain setting.

From digital timesheets to in-app messaging, you’ve got all the features needed to greatly improve the effectiveness of your work as well as the convenience of your workers. Signed digitally and exported to your payroll system instantly, the automation of digital timesheets saves you and your employees a lot of time, not to mention the reduction of your company’s environmental impact.

Other functions such as in-app messaging enable you to quickly reach your workers at all times. Automate certain aspects of communications with your workers, ensuring they have access to all the information they need.

"Compliance is now a breeze for us and audits are passed with virtually no manual work."

Personalise everything for you

Panther comes equipped with the possibility of showcasing a highly detailed snapshot of your business performance. Track all the relevant performance KPIs, financial and non-financial, and create comprehensive, detailed and professional looking reports for your clients and stakeholders.

The filters built within the app allow you to navigate through loads of data and information, allowing you to dissect and select only the most relevant information for your business. Stay informed at all times and improve your decision-making process by integrating valuable, real-time data in your rationale.

Panther represents a great digital management software enabling warehousing agencies to improve their overall performance by increasing the efficiency of their processes whilst saving valuable time through automation.