Roster construction workers automatically, and generate digital timesheets in an instant

Panther rostering software for construction recruitment agencies provides fast scheduling for construction workers to site whilst measuring safety regulations like minimum break, hours worked and real-time fatigue. Quickly book shift workers into sites that they have most experience at, are closest to, and are available for.  Once scheduled, easily issue construction digital timesheets for swift approval.  

Panther construction staff scheduling software allows companies to control working regulations for different specialisms including driving, labouring and site management duties.  Instantly view construction worker fatigue scores as the roster is created and view it on planned and timesheet approved hours.  Panther is also labour workforce forecasting software using customisble pay and charge rates to suit your business. 

Some of the world's most successful construction recruitment agencies rely on Panther

Safety monitoring to help each construction worker stay safe

Panther© ensures that construction workers are protected at the point of rostering covering all working and fatigue regulations.  Working regulations are instantly calculated depending on their duty type and their travel time and fatigue is measured in real-time.  Control max hours in a shift, minimum break, max shifts in a row, average hours and other customisable rules to truly plan the workers correct shift pattern.

Competencies like CSCS card expiry dates are monitored combined with any other compliance checks to ensure that only compliant staff are rostered.

Acutal hours are captured from the timesheet to ensure that fatigue and working regulations are automatically reported on before and after each shift.

"Compliance is now a breeze for us and audits are passed with virtually no manual work."

Rostering software for construction agencies

Panther excels in the management of agency staff.  Automatically calculate pay and charge rates with accurate gross profit and schedule vast quantities of shifts in seconds whilst maintaining worker compliance.  Act as a master vendor and distribute shifts to second tier suppliers at the tap of a button.

Generate digital timesheets for supervisors or site managers to sign on their mobile or computer and export actual start and finish times straight into your payroll system.  Use flexible timesheets to get construction workers authorised by line manager, supervisor or have site contacts sign off bulk lists of workers on a single weekly timesheet.

The education specialised features are fantastic. From the speed at which it allows me to fill a shift on short notice, using various tools to quickly identify the best-suited candidate for a school's needs, to the effortless organisation it brings to both sales and compliance teams through keeping us updated in real-time on the expiration dates of critical documents such as DBS checks.

Adem, Education Recruiter