Cutting-edge workforce management software for facilities management recruitment agencies

Looking to take your facilities management recruitment agency to new heights? Keen on improving the processes of your organisations? Could automation save you precious time? Then we might have the solution for you. Panther is a cloud-based, end-to-end solution software, providing recruitment agencies with all the tools needed to achieve their performance aspirations.

Integrating all the main features essential to the functioning of a recruitment agency, Panther provides you with one central place where you can easily manage all the aspects of your workforce. From availability, shift-booking and digital timesheets, to in-app communications and performance monitoring, take your facilities management recruitment business to new heights with the help of Panther.

Increase effectiveness and improve convenience at the same time

Panther has been designed with one simple rationale in mind: make life as easy as possible for recruitment companies. Digital availability and shift-booking functions enable you to book candidates into shifts weeks in advance with a simple click. Filtering options allow you to easily manage workers across multiple locations and specialisms, providing an added sense of convenience.

Competency management functions allow you to easily manage your candidate’s skills, allowing you to find the ideal candidate more quickly. Moreover, in-app messaging gives you the possibility to automate any communication with workers, ensuring they have access to all the information needed at all times.

Digital timesheets represent another key function. Digitalising the process of singing and sending timesheets allows you to become more environmentally friendly, and a timesheet export straight into your payroll system can help you save valuable time.

"Compliance is now a breeze for us and audits are passed with virtually no manual work."

Improve your decision-making with advanced tracking

Become a better strategist by integrating real-time data into your rationale. Panther gives you the options to track all relevant KPIs, financial and non-financial, offering valuable insight into what is the best course of action.

Easily build comprehensive and detailed reports containing all the key information you need. Send out reports to all your clients and stakeholders directly from the software and keep all the relevant people informed at all times.

In conclusion, Panther offers facilities management recruitment agencies a way of improving their overall performance by becoming more efficient and saving time in the process. Get an edge over your competitors today and scale your business to new heights with the help of Panther.