Cutting edge shift booking software for nursing agencies, prioritising frameworks & compliance

The cloud-based Panther nursing agency software enables you to automatically roster shifts, calculate real-time fatigue, and issue digital timesheets. Panther software is designed to allow the fastest, easiest way to manage agency nurse bookings on the market.

Pay and Charge rates are automatically calculated, taking into account national insurance, pension and other costs to generate real-time gross profit, displaying instant information for decision-makers.

Easily manage nurses in multiple healthcare organisations including the NHS, private hospitals and care homes.

Some of the most successful nursing recruitment agencies rely on Panther

Protect your nurse workforce as they are scheduled into shifts

Panther delivers an in-depth healthcare compliance software solution.

Have the commercial edge whilst providing worldclass safety measures. As your nurses are booked into shifts, each candidate is automatically notified of any shifts, competency expiry or compliance requirements. Panther Shift management software for healthcare staff allows you to schedule compliant nursing staff in seconds. Book by availability, preferred, top rated and plan ad hoc shifts in seconds.

Whilst providing scheduling software for healthcare, Panther also provides highly configurable digital timesheets in day by day or weekly modes. Easily get digital sign off from the head of ward or senior staff nurse and export data to your payroll system to automate the timesheet process.

Panther automatic fatigue monitoring software for healthcare measures planned and actual hours captured from the timesheet on the nurses mobile.

Protect the nurse and add benefit to clients by ensuring the nurse is safely monitored from a fatigue and working regulation perspective whilst ensuring that maximum profit is achieved.  

"Compliance is now a breeze for us and audits are passed with virtually no manual work."

Framework Rate Management Software

Panther nursing agency software is the ideal solution to maximize efficiency and operational ease. 

Book shifts using shift patterns and have rates applicable to each time bracket. Setup framework or off-framework rates and control your minimum margins to ensure target gross profit is achieved. Panther is fast, intuitive nurse rostering software allowing the optimal schedule to be achieved by reducing cost and fatigue whilst maximising productivity. 

Ensure that framework rate caps are properly managed and ensure compliance with frameworks like CPP, HTE and CQC.