Efficient scheduling software for education agencies, prioritising compliance and safeguarding

Panther teacher rostering software allows education recruitment agencies to quickly and easily fill available shifts with compliant members of staff. Panther integrates with your candidate database and gives you a real-time view of your worker's compliance status. This means you will be notified whenever a compliance document is due to expire, allowing you to follow up and get candidates compliant again as soon as possible.

With Panther, you can issue digital timesheets for education directly to teachers and timesheet authorisers, saving time chasing timesheets and offering a better experience to your candidates and clients. 

Work smarter with Panther, allowing you to focus on the things that matter

Panther is the ideal solution for education recruitment agencies, whether they focus on daily supply work or on longer-term placements.

For last-minute and daily bookings, it is important to encourage continuity and place education staff in a familiar setting. Panther offers a unique way to book compliant workers on to shifts quickly and easy, automatically suggesting candidates for shifts based on their location and where they have worked previously.

For longer-term placements, you can easily book an employee in with a single school for a specific amount of time, and then easily copy those shifts forward for as many weeks as required. Panther will then instantly forecast the total pay and charge rates for the entire placement.

"Compliance is now a breeze for us and audits are passed with virtually no manual work."

Ensure compliance and safeguarding with Panther

We understand that when it comes to education recruitment, compliance and safeguarding is of the utmost importance. With Panther, you can track the compliance status of each and every one of your candidates. When a compliance document, such as a passport or a DBS check, is due to expire, you will be notified, allowing you to take action and ensure your candidates remain compliant.

Panther also features an extensive set of reports, so you get an instant snapshot of the overall compliance status of your entire candidate database. On top of this, detailed information on shifts filled and hours worked allows you to forecast ahead and see how your teams are performing.

Panther digital timesheet software for education provides a complete solution for authorising, rejecting and commenting whilst integrating with most payroll systems.

The education specialised features are fantastic. From the speed at which it allows me to fill a shift on short notice, using various tools to quickly identify the best-suited candidate for a school's needs, to the effortless organisation it brings to both sales and compliance teams through keeping us updated in real-time on the expiration dates of critical documents such as DBS checks.

Adem, Education Recruiter