A cutting-edge software solution for care recruitment agencies and homecare providers

Panther is a cloud-based, end-to-end solution encompassing shift-booking, availability, compliance, digital timesheets, reporting and more. Ideal for care recruitment agencies and homecare providers, Panther allows you to solve all your temporary recruitment challenges in one package.

Save endless hours filling your shifts and automatically calculate your pay and charge rates, taking into account cost additions like employers NI, pension contribution, holiday pay and more, giving instant information to managers and decision makers.

Some of the most successful care recruitment agencies rely on Panther

Maintain a compliant and safe workforce giving you an edge over the competition

Panther makes compliance a breeze, allowing you to maintain a compliant workforce and maximise the number of shifts that you can fill. Panther sends out automated reminders to candidates when documents are about to expire, such as NMC Pins for nurses, passports, VISAs and more.

When a worker is booked into a shift, digital timesheets are created and sent to the worker and the client at the end of the shift. Not only does this offer a better service to all parties, but a simple timesheet summary can be exported into your payroll software to ensure all workers are paid correctly and on time, eliminating the need to process timesheets individually.

Be mindful of the health and wellbeing of your candidates by monitoring fatigue and risk levels of your workers. In a time when there is such pressure on healthcare professionals, demonstrate your support and identify individuals that might need some time to recuperate, whilst still maximising profit.

"Compliance is now a breeze for us and audits are passed with virtually no manual work."

Easily manage shifts and bookings across multiple clients in one screen

Care recruiters often work with a high number of clients, with sometimes only one or two candidates working in one client location at a time. The Panther booking sheet allows you to easily organise your available shifts, so you get an instant view on what shifts are filled and where you need extra resources.

Panther’s AI algorithm will suggest workers for a specific shift based on their location, their work history, their availability and more. As time goes by, the system learns more and more about your workforce, making better decisions and automating shift booking.

Panther’s reporting functionality gives detailed financial information and other KPIs, such as your weekly GP, profit margin, and fill rate. This can all be filtered by specialism, client, location and more. Run reports on demand or schedule reports to be sent to key stakeholders within your business.