Roster drivers automatically, and generate digital timesheets in an instant

Engineered with the purpose of integrating all aspects of agency recruitment in one central platform, Panther is a cloud-based, end-to-end solution software, ideal for recruitment agencies active within the driving sector.

In a world where becoming more efficient is a universal goal, Panther represents a great tool for helping you achieve this. With a multitude of features, from compliance management, timesheets and shift booking, to availability, fatigue-tracking and worker communication functions, Panther saves you time and money by having everything you need in one place.

Maintain a safe workforce

Addressing the most important needs of a driving recruitment business, Panther comes equipped with fatigue and risk calculation functions, so that you can always monitor your drivers.

"Compliance is now a breeze for us and audits are passed with virtually no manual work."

Run a more efficient agency and increase your bottom line

Panther makes life easier for both your recruitment team as well as for your workers. Reduce the number of unfilled shifts to a minimum through efficient planning. Digital working schedules and shift booking options allow you to seamlessly manage your entire workforce from one central place, enabling you to schedule workers weeks in advance, in just a few minutes.

Other features such as digital timesheets, availability tracking, and in-app messaging greatly improve the convenience and experience of your employees. Save valuable time by automating both the process of sending timesheets as well as the communication with your workers.

Monitor all essential performance indicators relevant to your business. Whether financial or non-financial, Panther offers detailed reporting on all the important KPIs, so you can make well-informed, data-enabled decisions. Quickly share comprehensive reports with your clients and stakeholders, allowing them to have a detailed snapshot of your overall performance.

Overall, Panther offers all the tools needed for a driving recruitment agency to become more efficient by improving their processes as well as the working experience of its workers. Get an advantage over your competition today and drive your business to new heights by becoming more efficient and saving valuable time in the process.