Onboarding & App

Seamlessly and quickly onboard compliant candidates through our onboarding portal and give them what they need via our web app.

Panther© provides out-of-the-box application forms for many industries or the ability to build your own. Integrate our onboarding portal with your website to properly capture source information to see where your candidates are coming from. Once a candidate is onboarded, compliance can check their application and then make them bookable for shifts.

"Compliance is now a breeze for us and audits are passed with virtually no manual work."
Sally, Compliance Manager, Mayday

Happier candidates, happier staff

Panther©’s mobile authorisation allows a different authoriser to sign the timesheet for each shift - a very useful feature if the authoriser is not known until the shift has started.

Candidates who self-book into shifts with the client can add their own timesheets to the app without the need for the shift to be booked on Panther© first. This allows timesheets to be authorised immediately without having to wait for the shift to be booked in arrears.

Panther has streamlined our workforce management saving us around 50% of the time and has almost completely automated our timesheet entry allowing us to focus more on customer service and safety.

Kez, Registered Nurse