Cutting-edge workforce management software for engineering recruitment agencies

Operating in the cloud, Panther is an end-to-end software solution, providing engineering recruitment agencies with the tools needed for effective management of their temporary workforce. Integrating all important aspects of agency recruitment, from shift-booking, timesheets and availability to reporting and communication functions, Panther offers recruiters the chance to manage everything from one central place.

With efficiency and automation being at the top of the agenda for many businesses nowadays, Panther helps your recruitment organisation achieve both. Save time and improve the experience of your workers by increasing the efficiency of your processes and increase the convenience of your employees by using the many automation option Panther comes equipped with.

Easily ensure the compliance and competency of your workers from one platform

Agencies specialising in engineering recruitment have the challenging task of managing large databases of candidates belonging to different specialities while also using two or three different software packages to book them into shifts and ensure their compliance. Panther encapsulates all these aspects of agency recruitment into a comprehensive yet easy to use software. package

Easily filter through large databases of workers and assign them to a shift with a simple click. Availability tracking allows you to see which of your workers are available weeks in advance, so you can minimise the number of unfilled shifts through effective planning. Furthermore, our integrated compliance and competency management functions enable you to quickly ensure that your staff are qualified for the jobs they get sent out to.

"Compliance is now a breeze for us and audits are passed with virtually no manual work."

All the functions you need to take your agency to the next level

From digital timesheets to in-app messaging possibilities, Panther provides you with a multitude of features aimed at improving your organisation’s overall performance. Save time by automating the timesheets process and become more environmentally friendly. Moreover, automate communication with workers, making sure that they always have access to the information they need.

Get in front of your competitors by tracking all the relevant performance metrics for your engineering recruitment agency. Whether financial or non-financial, monitor all relevant KPIs and improve your decisions by using real-time data to guide your rationale. Furthermore, Panther allows you to make professional looking reports based on all your data, which you could easily share with your clients, keeping them always updated on your performance.

Overall, Panther represents a great choice for any engineering recruitment agency looking to scale up their business through becoming more efficient and saving time in the process. Try Panther today and take a step-in front of your competitors.