The future of worker management, real-time forecasting & compliance

Panther© speeds up your worker management and scheduling. Automatically plan worker shifts and placements, instantly achieve compliance and issue digital timesheets from a single cloud based system.

Some of the world's most successful companies rely on Panther

Stay compliant, save money & work faster

Schedule compliant staff in seconds that are available, nearest to site and most experienced. Communicate with workers automatically, ensure working regulation compliance and see real-time fatigue scores.

Panther provides all the features to swiftly and successful manage a temporary and permanent workforce from shift scheduling and availability to timesheets and payroll integration.

Provide worker satisfaction

Auto shift notifications to workers through your own branded app with directions to their shift and fast timesheet sign off process. Capture and report on expenses and mileage.

Make decisions faster

Real time forecasting & exact performance indicators provide management information for key decision makers.

Save time on compliance

Automatically alert workers when documents are due to expire and see a complete priority based colour coded view of all compliance tasks.

Keep workers safe, calculate travel & monitor fatigue

Panther© provides a full suite of safety measures to ensure each worker is properly protected via our mobile app. Automate fatigue calculations, monitor working hours, automatically notify workers with ticket expires and more.

Real-Time Fatigue

PantherĀ© automatically calculates fatigue in real-time and alerts management and workers

Travel Time & Working Time

PantherĀ© calculates door to door time from the workers home location to site and can adapt to other accommodation addresses and hotels.

Compliance Notifications

Reduce compliance risks and meet industry requirements instantly.

Panther has streamlined our workforce management saving us around 50% of the time and has almost completely automated our timesheet entry allowing us to focus more on customer service and safety.

Kez, Registered Nurse