Introduction to Alert Health 24

Alert Health 24 is a care recruitment agency based in the South-West of the UK, with its head office in Weston-Super-Mare. With a network of branches across the South-West and Midlands, Alert Health 24 are an agency focused on offering a local touch and truly making a difference in the communities where they operate. Opening its doors in 2019, Alert Health 24 supplies nurses, healthcare assistants and support workers to care homes, nursing homes and other healthcare settings.

Maintaining strong client relationships and being constantly on the ball is a key part of Alert Health 24’s service. However, recently they had started to encounter a few challenges which threatened the fast and efficient service they provided to their clients.


The Challenges in Depth

When we first opened, managing our day-to-day operations with spreadsheets was manageable. However, as we started to expand, open new branches, and hire new staff, we quickly realised that this was not a viable solution moving forward. After seeing what was available on the market, I was instantly drawn to Panther because their shift-booking and availability features looked fantastic. They had literally thought of everything. – Steve, Managing Director

Firstly, with an ever-growing portfolio of clients spread across a large geographic area, it was becoming difficult to organise all their shifts and keep track of which candidates were out working. Alert Health 24 were using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of shifts and to try and plan who was working at what times. As their number of clients and shifts increased, this was simply not sustainable, and mistakes were becoming more frequent.

Secondly, due to their large candidate database and high volume of shifts, they were struggling to communicate effectively with their workforce, leading to confusion and a poor candidate experience. As with their first challenge, it proved very difficult to manually keep on top of communicating with so many candidates, keeping track of who had confirmed shifts and then sharing that information internally. No shows were becoming more frequent, and this was causing frustration for clients.

Finally, the high-volume of shifts and clients meant it was difficult to consolidate and report on financial performance at a detailed level, so they were unable to analyse their operations in-depth and identify their strengths and areas for improvement. Only very high-level reports could be created monthly; to go more in depth would have required vast amounts of time sorting through fragmented data. Alert Health 24 needed a solution that automated their reporting and gave adequate detail for them to start to improve their performance.

Faced with these three main challenges, Alert Health 24 chose to engage with Panther to achieve the following: simplify shift booking across the business, improve communications with their candidates, and produce more insightful and accurate KPI reports on all business operations.


Implementing Panther

“We didn’t really get that involved in the Panther set up; it all seemed very straightforward. Their team dealt with nearly everything, so after our initial implementation call, it wasn’t long until the system was up and running and our staff had access.” Ellie, Operations

As an SMB with comparatively few candidates on their database and no legacy systems which required integration, implementing Panther was a quick and easy process. Alert Health 24 is a care agency working with private care and nursing homes so they didn’t require any custom framework set ups, and implementing the compliance functionality was straightforward.

The impact Panther had on the business was noticeable right from day one. Automated worker communications have saved countless hours every week across the branches. It became easier for workers to confirm what shifts they could work using the availability section, and they were extremely happy with the new automated shift confirmation messages. Keeping track of what shifts the team were currently trying to fill also became instantly easier. As the shift booking module is designed to look like a spreadsheet, staff immediately felt familiar with the system and got to grips with it extremely quickly. In terms of reporting, branch managers were now able to view the report dashboard and see all stats for their branch for a given time within a matter of seconds. This helped to get buy-in from senior team members, who instantly understood how this could benefit the business.


Six Months Later

“The feedback I’ve had from my teams since we started using Panther has been nothing but positive. Staff who have been here since the beginning can’t believe how inefficiently we used to work. New starters are all instantly impressed with the system and it allows them to get up and running very quickly. It also helps us with decision making at board level; identifying our top performers as well as areas for improvement.” – Steve, Managing Director

Since choosing to engage with Panther, Alert Health 24 has gone from strength to strength, solving all their original challenges whilst also reaping benefits in many other areas too. The most noticeable impact that Panther has had for Alert Health 24 has been the time saved week in week out for all members of their team. They can now work far more efficiently, fill their shifts easily and quickly communicate with candidates. This means the team has more time to spare for more useful, revenue generating activities. These increases in efficiency have also led to higher levels of client and candidate satisfaction. Lateness, cancellations, and no shows have all fallen since Panther was introduced, and feedback from clients has been very promising.

The reporting dashboard is a key feature for Alert Health 24 and their management team. Whereas before it was difficult to look at in-depth financial and operational reports, they can now drill down into the detail within seconds. Information they never had before is now available to them: What is their most profitable candidate type? How much notice do they get to fill shifts? What specific type of shift do they struggle to fill? This information is not only extremely useful for client reviews, but it has also had a real impact on their operations and has led to changes in their candidate attraction strategy and even their target clients.



At the beginning of their Panther journey, Alert Health 24 identified several key challenges which were hindering efficiency, staff satisfaction and were slowly becoming a threat to their business. By deciding to adopt Panther, Alert Health 24 took back control of their day-to-day operations. By digitalising certain processes, they were able to increase the efficiency of their teams and offer a superior service to clients and candidates, increasing satisfaction across the board.

This case study is just one example of how Panther can not only modernise your processes and increase efficiency, but positively impact your business and its stakeholders on many different levels so that your company can thrive and continue to grow. If you want to learn more about Panther, book a demo today and we can give you a full run-down of its features and demonstrate how it can help you run a better business. 

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