What is the primary function of Panther's Digital Timesheets?
Panther's Digital Timesheets software automates the timesheet process for temporary recruitment agencies, offering highly configurable digital timesheets in day-by-day or weekly formats.
How can timesheets be issued in Panther?
Timesheets can be issued for candidates on a single or multi-candidate basis, allowing for flexibility depending on the requirements of each shift.
What options are available for timesheet approval?
Digital sign-off from supervisors or clients can be obtained instantly online. The software facilitates easy and efficient authorisation of timesheets.
Can Panther's Digital Timesheets be accessed on different devices?
Yes, Panther's timesheets can be accessed on any device, offering digital signatures, GPS stamps, and an authorisation process. They can also be automatically generated as PDFs based on any template design.
What is the purpose of the GPS location stamp on timesheets?
All timesheets are digitally stamped with the worker's GPS location and device for proof of signatures, adding an extra layer of verification and accuracy.
How does Panther integrate with payroll systems?
Panther offers integration with payroll systems through its API or by designing an export file that suits your payroll system. Shift time data can be exported in batches for seamless payroll processing.
What features are included in timesheet administration?
Panther provides a full system for authorising, rejecting, and commenting on timesheets, along with real-time chat between payroll and users to resolve any issues promptly.
How does the digital timesheet software impact the rostering and payroll process?
The software captures actual hours worked and automatically updates the rostering element of the software, while also updating the pay rate, charge rate, and GP, ensuring accurate and efficient payroll processing.
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