Compliance is a crucial aspect of any business, especially in recruitment, but keeping up with regulations and requirements can be a very time-consuming process. Panther can simplify the monitoring and management of compliance obligations. Panther provides a range of benefits for compliance teams, including the ability to categorise compliance items into critical and standard items, which ensures that all essential requirements are met before a candidate can be booked onto a shift. Additionally, Panther helps compliance teams always stay audit ready, whilst displaying very complex monitoring in simple form. This blog will discuss the importance of why your compliance teams need to be on top of their game and how Panther can assist them in doing so.


Automated Candidate Compliance Reminders

Panther’s automated candidate compliance reminders are an essential feature for any compliance team. Panther alerts you when a worker’s compliance documents are due to expire or have already expired so that you know whether to renew or update them. This feature means that your compliance team no longer needs to manually check each worker’s compliance status’ and remind them, saving them a significant amount of time. By sending these reminders, it means that all workers that are on a consultant’s books are fit and able to work, providing an added layer of protection for both worker and the business. Additionally, Panther makes it simple for compliance teams to view which compliance requirements are more critical than others, allowing them to assess which aspects need more attention. This all reduces the risk of compliance related issues and ensures workers are always up to date with their certifications and qualifications.


Colour Coded Monitoring

Panther’s colour coded monitoring allows compliance teams to manage and monitor compliance documents efficiently. The colour coded view that Panther provides gives an immediate view of all checks, identifying that they are in date and applicable (green), expiring soon (amber) and expired and in need of updating (red); this allows compliance teams to quickly identify areas that require attention and prioritise their workload accordingly. Essentially, the benefit of seeing all worker’s compliance status’ means that compliance teams can maintain accurate compliance records and reduce the risk of compliance related issues. Additionally, users can use filters to drill down their data and filter by expiry status, compliance item, client alerts, status, grade, specialism, skill, candidate compliance levels, client compliance levels or colour code. This colour coding tool is very powerful as it helps reduce the risk on non-compliance and ensures that workers are fit to work.


Body Pin Checks

Panther checking for candidate body pin checks can greatly benefit a compliance team specifically in the healthcare industry. Ensuring that nurses possess their NMC pins is crucial as they cannot work without them and could lead to consultant’s wasting valuable time in conversing with a nurse who is not properly accredited. This can be avoided by using Panther as it will run these checks for body pins rather than the consultant having to do so. The integration of Panther with various professional bodies including NMC, HCPC, GMC, and IMC, ensures that the correct checks are carried out and that only those who are fit to work are booked. Panther can help your compliance team easily identify candidates who possess the necessary body pins, streamlining the recruitment process for healthcare professionals.


In conclusion, Panther can be a game-changer for your compliance team. By utilising Panther, you can save hours of administration time as it allows for multiple compliance items and expiry dates to be tagged against a single uploaded file. This means that a merged PDF containing proof of right to work, a degree certificate, a training certificate, and proofs of address can all be managed within the same system. Without a software like Panther, it would be difficult to manage all of these tasks efficiently. Overall, implementing Panther can streamline your compliance processes and provide your team with the tools they need to succeed.

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