What is Panther's shift booking system?
Panther's shift booking system is a rostering software designed for temporary recruitment companies. It enables high-volume shift booking while ensuring staff compliance, availability, and proximity.
How does Panther handle shift creation and scheduling?
Panther offers intelligent shift import, learning from previous files to create extensive lists of shifts quickly. It also allows for bulk scheduling and utilises common shift time shortcuts, enabling one-tap shift creation for different clients, locations, or contracts.
Can Panther's software automatically calculate pay rates and taxes?
Yes, the software automatically calculates fatigue scores, pay rates, and taxes (PAYE, LTD, or Umbrella) as the roster is being created.
What are the features of Panther's shift sharing and cancellation tracking?
Panther allows for shift sharing among colleagues to increase fill rates. It also tracks no shows, worker cancellations, and cancelled shifts, providing real-time graphical reports.
How does Panther ensure compliance with working regulations?
The software monitors working time regulations, including maximum working hours per week and minimum break and shift lengths, and provides alerts for any discrepancies.
Does Panther capture actual start and finish times for shifts?
Yes, it captures actual start and finish times through mobile entry, GPS tracking, or manual entry.
How does the software manage fatigue scores?
Panther automatically calculates and alerts on worker fatigue in real-time, adjustable for each duty type.
Can Panther assign specific pay and charge rates?
Yes, it can assign pay and charge rates at various levels, including client, location, duty, contract, or worker.
How does Panther facilitate booking compliant and relevant staff?
The software allows you to schedule compliant staff quickly, booking by availability, preference, and top-rated workers.
What is the 'Hot List' feature in Panther?
The Hot List feature lets you build custom lists of your best or specifically categorised workers, streamlining the process of filling shifts.
How does Panther assist in utilising under-utilised staff?
Panther monitors hours worked against all employees and can provide views of ‘hours worked’ against the employee list, along with alerts to identify under-utilised staff.
What advanced filtering options does Panther offer?
It offers intuitive filtering on all aspects, including shift location, specialism, team, and worker, combined with a powerful Google-style search.
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