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Shift Booking
The fastest possible temp worker scheduling

High volume shift booking automatically suggesting the closest, most available and compliant candidates. Pay rates are calculated automatically and display PAYE, LTD or Umbrella cost additions as shifts are filled, resulting in real-time gross profit forecasting.

Time saved booking candidates
Time saved calculated rates
Time saved notifying candidates

Auto Shift Import & AI Assisted Bookings

Panther automatically imports shifts from any spreadsheet, instantly filling up your booking sheet with accurate information. Our AI algorithm then suggests the most likely candidate for each shift, taking into account worker location, shift history and more.

Grade, Specialism & Skill Management

When you create a shift, you specify the required grade or specialism. Once the shift has been created, Panther will only suggest workers that match that criteria, so you can be sure that only suitable workers will be booked.

Automated Confirmations

When a worker has been booked into a shift, users can send an automatic confirmation message via text, email or the Panther App. It's also possible to send confirmation messages to clients, detailing which workers will fill each shift. This saves a vast amount of time sending emails or texts manually.

Plan worker availability and prepare for the future

The Availability tab allows you to view your entire workforce in a single view format and record their availability for the coming weeks and months. Once you have availability and holidays added, this pulls through into the shift booking tab, and candidates that are available for specific shifts will be suggested to speed up the booking process.




Time saved finding candidates in a radius
Time saved bulk messaging candidates
Time saved managing holiday, leave and sickness

Plan Availability for Specific Shift Times

Proactively store worker availability for different shift types, such as early, day, night, or full availability. The more accurate you are when recording availability, the more useful it will be when booking your shifts.

Quick Availability Requests

Recording Availability is important, but it can be time-consuming to call all of your workers individually to ask for this information. Panther features automated availability request messages which can be sent to workers in bulk and in just a few clicks.

Add Leave & Holiday

The Availability tab allows you to plan worker holiday and leave weeks in advance, so you can be prepared and take this into account when filling out your roster. It's also possible to allow workers to request their own holiday and leave, which can then be approved in an instant

Fully featured digital timesheets

Timesheets can be viewed and edited on any device, with digital signatures, GPS stamp and authorisation process. Panther supports single and multiworker timeshets on one platform. Automatically generate PDF timesheets based on any template design. At the point of authorisation, the shift can be split into multiple locations to enable different authorisers to approve each split and expenses can be added to get client approval.


Time saved manual timesheet input
Time saved candidates sign off time
Timesheet data accuracy

On-Mobile Authorisation with Offline Mode

Panther’s mobile authorisation allows a different authoriser to sign the timesheet for each shift - a very useful feature if the authoriser is not known until the shift has started. Timesheets appear on the candidate's app before the shift has started which allows authorisation to be achieved even if there is no internet connection.


Self Booked Shift Timesheets

Candidates who self-book into shifts with the client can add their own timesheets to the app without the need for the shift to be booked on Panther first. This allows timesheets to be authorised immediately without having to wait for the shift to be booked in arrears.

Timesheet Batch Exporting for Payroll

Batches of approved timesheets from shifts on any date can be exported from Panther via API or CVS file on a regular basis so they can be processed. Panther doesn’t require an entire weeks’ worth of shifts to be processed at once, making payroll more efficient by being able to run daily, weekly or monthly pay at once.

Client specific & framework compliance requirements met instantly

Maintain client or industry specific compliance requirements in Panther for different specialisms and assign them to clients or locations. Also maintain framework specific compliance requirements against clients. Be alerted in real-time when a candidate isn’t compliant for a shift and send automated compliance expiry reminders to candidates when their documents or certificates are running out. 

Time saved checking for expired compliance documents
No chance of missed expired compliance
Time saved checking for compliant candidates

Only Allow Compliant Staff to be Booked

Panther checks the compliance of a candidate against their specialism & client specific compliance requirements when booking shifts. Panther prevents a candidate being booked into a shift that they are not compliant for.


Automatic Professional Body Pin Checks

Save hours of administration time with Panther’s automatic pin checks. We have integrations with the following professional bodies; NMC, HCPC, GMC, IMC.

Auto Candidate Compliance Reminders

Scheduled compliance reminders are automatically sent to candidates in advance of their compliance documents expiring to reduce hours of chasing by compliance staff. Consultants can also get in touch with candidates to inform or remind them of compliance information or notifcations. 

White label, easy-to-use mobile experience

Panther provides your own brand candidate app showing instant shift updates, directions to the client location, hotel bookings, timesheet sign-off, availability, compliance and more. This allows candidates to navigate Panther easily and manage shift booking and timesheets with ease. The two way messaging system between worker and consultant means that communication about shift information or compliance is easy.


Time saved booking candidates
money saved using SMS
Time saved chasing candidates

Candidate Self-Management

Candidates are able to change their locations, add expenses, edit hours, and even swap shfits via the app. All of these features appear instantaneously on the app when required. This allows users to be able to manage every aspect themselves with ease.


Chat Style Messaging

Panther provides chat style messaging that allows communication between the Panther user & the candidate via the app. There is full visibility of all messages to candidates so colleagues can be kept up to date on conversations.

Digital Timesheet Approval

Candidates can enjoy a fully digital timesheet experience on their mobile & obtain timesheet authorisation at the end of their shifts. This makes the process of authorising timesheets much more efficient for both clients and candidates.

Comprehensive reports & beautiful graphical dashboards

Measure all aspects of your client & candidate activity. Financial reporting on pay, charge, gross profit, gross profit margin % and average uplift alongside KPI reporting on number of shifts filled, number of hours filled, shifts filled by specialism, shifts filled by type & shift notice time are some of the measurable attributes. Run reports on demand within a given date range or auto schedule the reports to be sent to key stakeholders in the business.


Time saved calculating GP
Time saved monitoring filled and unfilled shifts
Time saved booking candidates

Accurate Financial Forecasting

Pay, charge & gross profit are calculated in real-time as soon as a shift is filled or cancelled. Contracted pay & charge rates are used as a base then invoicing shift patterns, forecasted breaks, PAYE cost additions & pay uplifts are all put into the mix to produce a highly accurate GP forecast.


Insightful Operation Statistics

Run bespoke reports for each of your clients to analyse their performance. Non-financial, operation reports also drive the dashboard. Shifts are classified further to give detailed reporting; filled shifts, unfilled shifts, client cancelled shifts, candidate no shows, candidate cancelled shifts, filled by competitor shifts & cannot supply shifts. 

Power BI Integration

With Power BI Integration you can take all the immense amount of data on Panther and export it onto different platfroms. this allows you to build your own dashborad, reports or blend it with other data you may possess. Whilst you are able to create your own, Panther also provides pre-made report templates for you to use.