Recruitment is notoriously fast-paced and daily priorities can change frequently, so it’ is vital that consultants stay at the top of their game and utilise their time wisely. Trying to keep both clients and candidates happy can be difficult, and recruiters always need to be on hand  to help with any queries and situations that may occur. A key goal of any temporary recruitment company is to fill as many shifts as possible, because ultimately without filled shifts, there is no revenue. However, managing your shifts can be time consuming, with many recruiters traditionally relying on spreadsheets to manage their bookings. Simplifying and speeding up the shift booking process is one of Panther’s key areas of strength, so read on to find out some of the ways we can help recruiters cut down on admin time so they can concentrate on more important tasks.


Our Easy-To-Read Shift Booking Display

The main advantage of using Panther as your booking system is the simplicity it provides when navigating hundreds of different shifts and candidates. Everything you need to find and fill shifts is right in front of you. On the main booking page, you can see which shifts need to be filled and where they are based (with which client, on what contract, in which location etc.) A key feature of this page is that it shows what specialism and compliance level is required for each shift. Candidates that much the requirements are then suggested to recruiters, so they can book their shifts in a click of a button. This is far superior to managing shifts on a spreadsheet, where there are no compliance safeguards in place and everything has to be typed in manually.


Import your shifts straight from an Excel spreadsheet

When dealing with hundreds of shifts at multiple locations, it can become confusing and time consuming to manually add each shift. Human error is always an issue, even when using a shift booking system. With Panther, you can remove some of this risk. If your clients send you their shift requirements in a table format or in a spreadsheet, our shift import tool allows you to copy this straight into the Panther and instantly fill out your booking sheet with all shift details including the client, location, time, date and role etc. A task that once would’ve taken copious amounts of time can now be completed in seconds. Another great aspect of this feature is that once data has imported a few times, Panther will remember the input pattern and your columns will be automatically mapped, saving you even more time.


Automated booking confirmation messages

Traditionally, when a consultant wants to book a candidate in for a specific shift, they would need to call them or manually send them an email or text to check they are available. This is yet another time consuming task, particularly when dealing with a high volume of shifts. With  Panther, shift confirmation messages are sent out automatically, and further reminders can be sent out in just a couple of clicks. While phone calls and regular contact with candidates should not be removed completely, these booking confirmations can save a vast amount of time, especially if you are accurately tracking candidate availability.


GP made simple – Draft GP

Calculating your GP for the week or month can be a challenging, especially when managing multiple contacts, clients and shift times. With potentially hundreds of different shifts and workers out at different times, it is easy to make errors when estimating your GP. In fact, many recruiters work to inaccurate draft GP figures that can’t be confirmed until after payroll has been run. When you create and fill shifts in the Panther booking tab, charge and pay rates are automatically calculated, instantly giving you a draft GP and margin figure. This gives your recruitment teams vital information on how they are performing for the week and will enable them to make decisions to boost their GP.


As you can see from all these features mentioned above, Panther can really elevate your recruitment agency. By using Panther, you could vastly improve your efficiency and enable your consultants to utilise their time more effectively. If this is something you are interested in and want to find out more, then book a demo today! Panther is the future of recruitment software, so get on board now and discover how it can help you to improve your business.



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